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Group Home Builders v Architectural Design

If you’ve tried one of the many template-driven group home builders, then you will have experienced their limitations. It’s that confinement that enables these companies to build en masse throughout New Zealand, and to a budget that fits the bulk of the market.

When you want a new home customised to your needs, and that is designed specifically for your building site, then you may have considered an Architect. Architects are renowned for their design flair but are unconcerned by practical building realities or costs to build– that’s not their domain.

HomeDesign Company uses Design and Build Consultants, working with the a team of Architects and Architectural Designers to create custom homes while considering your needs and budgets.

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Home Design Company

Home Design Company bridge the gap between New Zealand’s many cookie-cutter group home builders and Architects. Our in-house design team will create a unique home that fits your brief; fits your building site and fits your budget.

We believe the home design and build process requires a little more than a catalogue and picking some carpet and tiles. With HomeDesign Company, you’ll enjoy superior design flexibility and eliminate the constraints of those “off the shelf” group home builders.

HomeDesign Company offers the skill of an architect without the hefty price tag. Our practical building know-how allows us to tailor a new home design while avoiding costly and unnecessary construction pitfalls.

Feature Comparison

FeatureGroup Home BuildersArchitectural DesignerHome Design Company
Site Inspection and Consultation
Challenging Site
Truly Flexible Custom Design
Engineering Considerations
Budget Orientated
High Level Specifications
Works With Any Supplier or Manufacturer
Fit Out Selections
Flat Rate Contract
End to End Service

Know what you’re buying

Take the time to truly understand what it is you’re buying from a group home design and build company, or an Architect. Group home builders have streamlined their production line to trim their costs. This equates to higher volumes for them, while delivering lower specs and less choice for their customers. Architects are tasked with designing a grand home on paper, but their expertise does not extend to engineering or practical building experience. The outcome is often a higher design price and eventually, a higher build cost for the homeowner.

HomeDesign Company bridges that gap in the new home building market. We combine a beautiful home design that is true to your tastes, with practical building experience. Our industry knowledge allows us to deliver the best of both worlds without a cost blow-out.

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