End to End Process

This page provides a brief overview of the building process with Home Design Company. For a deep-dive into how it works, check out our 20-step exploration: Understanding the End to End Process.

End to End Process: Take a Deep Dive

Our consultant oversees your build from start to finish

Having an experienced eye on your new home build from start to finish is central to a successful building project. That’s why, when you build your dream home with Home Design Company, our experienced consultant manages your job from start to finish. Check out more details about each stage of building your new home in our End to End Process.

1. Consultation

Understanding your needs and budget

To help turn your dream home into a reality, we need to understand your requirements fully. This is where you do most of the talking, and we do the listening! Tell us about your must-haves, how you choose to live, the kind of design styles you prefer. Share Pinterest boards of everything you like, down to the kitchen handles. It will all help us know you better.

Often, we find things that you may not have considered. For example, a walk-in wardrobe may allow the bedroom to be smaller, less cluttered and provides more storage. We’ve created a comprehensive questionnaire that covers virtually every design detail that will be incorporated into your overall design.

We also need a clear indication of what you want to spend, so that we can start designing the home that fits your needs and your budget. Being completely open with your plans and your budget is the best way for us to help you get what you want. We can help you understand building costs so that you know what is achievable with the budget you have.

From here, we will provide an overview of the process and outline the timeframes needed from consultation through to turning the key on your new home. We will also cover off things like costs and payment schedule.

2. Developing the Concept

Designing your dream home

We get to work with our team of experts to create the concept drawings for your home. We will initiate a feasibility review of your section to ensure our concepts will be within council rules. We’ll take into account considerations such as the sites’ aspect and available underground services.

For architectural services, we partner with Catalyst Consulting – leaders in both residential and commercial buildings. Plus we draw on a team of licensed building practitioners, interior designers and project managers. Every one of our staff and contractors has a wealth of practical experience in the industry.

Once we have developed the initial concept design of your home, we go through this with you in-depth. We’ll discuss any changes or modifications you may require and refine the design.

3. Detailed Design

Your vision on paper

Once you are 100% satisfied with the concept, we begin the detailed drawings. We use these for specifying materials and build costs, as well as getting the documents prepared for council consent.

Our attention to detail in this phase of the process is what sets us apart. We pride ourselves on delivering to an exacting standard. We include detail not traditionally covered in build plans. We’ll detail elements such as skirting board sizing, door hardware positioning and floor coverings. This transparency ensures everyone involved in the build process is fully informed.

This makes our costings and construction delivery times much more accurate and ultimately saves time and money in the long run.

4. Consent

Getting the big tick

Working on your behalf, we make the application for building consent with the Council. We ensure all our documentation is of the highest standard to eliminate unnecessary delays. We respond to any council questions as quickly as possible, giving you total peace of mind.

Generally, building consent applications take at least 20 working days to process. This varies depending on the number of questions Council come back with follow the initial submission.

While the application is being processed, we’re working behind the scenes with our team of tradespeople and building suppliers to get accurate and detailed costings for the build.

5. Contract

You are covered

Once the consent has been approved, we’ll meet with you to sign the building contract. This is a comprehensive document that sets out:

  • Our responsibilities to you
  • The payment schedule
  • A process to deal with variations
  • A complete inventory of all products and materials to be used to build your home

You are further protected by our building guarantee, as well as the Building Act 2004.

6. Build

Getting down to business

This is the exciting part when the action on site commences! Because of the detail that we put into the design and planning stages, the build process is as stress-free as possible. We use talented builders and subcontractors that work together to deliver the best outcome for you – with no hidden surprises.

Communication is vital throughout the building process. We use cloud-based construction project management software, Builder Trend, to chart your build progress. You can follow the progress of your build with a unique log-in via a web portal, see and respond to questions from tradespeople on-site and make informed decisions. We’ll also update the portal with photos of the construction as it happens, so you don’t miss seeing pivotal milestones.

Additionally, we set up regular site meetings with you and the project team to keep you involved in the process.

7. Delivery

Turning the key to your dream home

Once Council has passed the final inspection, we will complete a thorough walk-through with you to ensure your home is completed to the highest standard. Your home will also be cleaned top to bottom before you move in.

Your dream home is ready for you to live in and enjoy.