Understanding your build project.

Getting the Most Out of Your Site

Your home should complement your site’s natural environment, so it’s shape, slope, the position to the sun and proximity to neighbours are all factors to consider.  With section sizes becoming smaller it’s essential that your home functions well in relation to your outside spaces too. At Home Design Company, we work with this in mind, considering all aspects of the site, understanding how you like to live and what is most important to you, so that we can maximise the full potential of your section no matter what size it is.

Understanding Consenting

Getting council consent need not be a stressful process, and our experience in this area will be invaluable to get your dream home through this stage.  Our in-depth understanding of the Auckland Unitary Plan and the Building Code gives us the advantage of knowing what is permitted to do without the hassle of paperwork.  When we need consent Home Design Company will apply on your behalf and work with the council to get approval with minimal delay.

Your Budget

It is our goal to complete your home to your budget.  To do that, we need to understand your wish-list and must-haves, and a clear definition of how much you can spend.  In any build, there is likely to be a gap between what you want and what you can realistically afford – that’s where our expertise in planning and design can make a difference.  Your budget is always top of mind during the design phase and we’ll help you understand what is achievable on your wish list with the budget you have, offering solutions and efficiencies to avoid any costly surprises or disappointments.

Your Must Haves

Most people have specific ideas about what they want to include in their dream home. Perhaps you have an art piece you need wall space for, or a hobby you have imagined as a bespoke space. Maybe it’s a scullery that would complete your kitchen dreams.  Understanding your must-haves will often be the foundation for a design that is completely unique to your needs.  We love bringing your ideas to reality in the most practical and cost-affordable way.

Original Design

Don’t want your house to look like every other house on the street?  There are plenty of cookie-cutter style building companies around, but these homes aren’t unique, and adding your own special features can cost more than it should.  This is where original design works; getting your dream home, in the style you like, and for what you can afford.  We do this by combining practical building know-how with our design expertise, offering solutions and efficiencies that will save you money in the long term.

Your budget is top of mind during the design phase. We’ll help you understand what’s achievable on your wish list and within the budget you have.

Working with Home Design Company.

End to End Care

Our integrated approach to designing and building your home means you will get a bespoke design to suit your budget. This also creates a flow of communication between all parties to enable a smooth build and quick response times should any changes be required

Considered Design & Lean Building

Considered design means we think about the design, the materials and the construction methods in order to eliminate waste and reduce labour, resulting in a design a build where you get more for your money.

Quality Materials

Our suppliers all take pride in your finished home. We only specify quality products which gives you comfort for years to come.

Lump Sum Price

When it comes to price, you cannot beat lump sum pricing. We are able to lump sum price our contracts with certainty because of our comprehensive plans and specifications, our key supplier backing and reliable tradespeople.

There will still be some PC sums for works that can’t be accurately costed due to unknowns like excavations and of course variations if you alter your requirements during the build.

You may have heard of ‘Fixed Price Contracts’. This term can be misused. To have a fixed price contract there can be no PC Sums or variations.

Faster Build Time

Our design and build systems mean we can build faster, for example, better planning and early confirmation of fitting and fixtures equals a faster more efficient build without compromising on quality.

Great new builds without the price tag.

These are just some of the considerations we can discuss with you to help you get the home design you want. Contact us to have a free no obligation consultation to explain you can probably get all you wish for by having a custom design cost but without the expensive price tag, you would expect.