About Us

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We started Home Design Company because we believe that building the home of your dreams takes a little more than a catalogue. There’s a whole lot more to it than picking some carpet and tiles. We wanted to offer more!

  • More choice
  • More style
  • More value
  • More satisfaction

We design and build homes that are client-specific and site-specific, and with real design appeal. A home built with your own style and budget at the front of our collective minds.

We have a team of architects, Licensed Building Practitioner designers, technicians, interior designers and project managers. Our talents combine to design and build a home unique to you. One you will enjoy for years to come.

Home Design Company operates from the offices of Catalyst Consulting, one of New Zealand’s leading commercial design and fit-out companies. We work with Catalyst on selected projects wherever their expertise can complement ours.

Beyond residential design and build, our extensive experienced includes commercial design, renovation and refit projects. It’s this experience that means we’re in a unique position to bring you all the best aspects of design and build, combined in perfect synergy.

Key People


Tim Walters

Design and Construction Consultant, Director

Tim has a passion for producing beautiful homes for realistic budgets. With years in renovations and new builds, Tim fully understands the implications design has on construction and the final result. Tim is continually working with innovative ways to design and build better-specified homes. At the forefront of Tim’s mind is to create value for money without design compromise. Tim will guide you through the design and construction process so that you build a truly incredible home.


Rico Chan

Manager – Architectural Team

Rico listens to his clients’ needs, manifesting their ideas into realities – often within tight budgets and timeframes. Rico has a Bachelor of Architecture from University of Auckland. He’s worked in Hong Kong and New Zealand across a variety of projects and roles, including commercial, residential, institutional, industrial and healthcare. Since 2003 Rico is a New Zealand registered architect, experienced in leading projects of different sizes and scales. Rico prides himself in producing high standard documentation which often received positive feedbacks from Territorial Authorities.


Robert Letherby

Senior Architect

With over a decade of successful experience as an architect, Robert has an extensive background in a wide variety of projects ranging from homes, schools and museums. As a leading architectural consultant, Robert has excellent management and collaborative abilities. He is skilled at balancing prospective ideas and aspirations within an available budget and timescale. Robert is a New Zealand and UK Registered Architect. Delivery of projects is a speciality for Robert.

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